01 : the consult

Consultations are fit for anyone who needs interior design advice.  During an interior design consultation, I will answer any home design questions you have, and provide educated solutions and and ideas based on my own expertise and experience. We can talk about a single room or your whole house. Together we can explore...

  • Space Planning & Furniture Layout

  • Permanent Fixtures & Finishes

  • Window Treatments

  • Accessories & Decor

  • Specific Paint Colors

  • Main & Accent Colors

  • And more – built-ins, additions, you name it!

Throughout the consultation, I will provide clarity on design direction, help you realize your home's potential, and apply your unique design style to your space. Consultation are a $200 flat fee due at the time of booking, and last up to 90 minutes.

02 : FULL-SERVICe design

Just like you see on HGTV, my full-service Interior Design starts with a design project consultation; an in-home visit to discuss your wants and wishes for your project. Then I will assemble and present my design plan - this is the fun part!

No project is too large OR too small. I will shop within your budget to select all the furniture, fixtures, materials and finishes necessary to complete your space. You're welcome to tag along or sit back and let me bring you a couple options to choose from. Depending on how involved of a design experience you need, I can either simply create a design and let you run with it, or I can stick around, see it through, and manage your entire project. No matter the size of the project, you have two choices; 1) take my proposed designs and implement them yourself after the design proposal, or 2) I'm happy to stay with you through the very end to make sure things get done right the first time.

Full-service Interior Design often involves hiring specialty trades such as plumbers, electricians, craftsmen, tile installers and painters as well. But don't worry, I know the best!

How it Works

1 : INITIAL CONSULTATION : flat fee of $200 for up to 90 minutes

During the project consult, we'll talk about your project goals and your dream for your project. We'll discuss you wants, needs, budget, scope, style, and I'll get acquainted with your space. I'll also get the photos and measurements that I need in order to assemble a design plan of action. At the end of the meeting, we'll all sign a Letter of Agreement that lays out all expectations for the course of the project. I'll go through the document with you prior signing, piece by piece, and explain everything - no Greek, and any questions you may have are fair game.

2 : DESIGN PHASE : custom flat fee based on scope

I will work behind the scenes to develop a comprehensive design plan that suites your project needs and budget. Then I will meet with you personally to present designs and propose selected products that meet your budgetary goals. These proposals are very important, as your approval on items means they will be added to your list of pieces that we will eventually be ordering. Take these meetings seriously, and come prepared to make decisions on as much as possible. Keep in mind that I am VERY understanding and empathetic, and will always listen to your questions, comments and concerns. But also remember; the faster we make decisions, the faster you will get to enjoy your finished space!!

3 : DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION : hourly at $100 per hour

When everything comes to life! This is such an exciting time in the process because you finally see our collaborative design ideas and conversations come to life. Purchasing product can happen quite quickly. However, waiting for all ordered products to arrive to our preferred receiving warehouse can take several weeks or months. It’s crucial for all items to be received prior to beginning installation, to ensure a pleasant installation process. Installation will be scheduled to happen as fast as possible, with the timeline depending on our clients’ and contractors’ availability.

I can and will purchase the approved goodies, if you so choose! I'll also give you the freedom to purchase any retail items and/or services with your own preferred vendors. This can save you some money on billable purchasing time costs, especially if there is a sale that’s larger than my designer discount (looking at you, West Elm). However, should I be sourcing from my trade sources and purchasing for you, you will always be paying less than retail, which brings often-needed relief on the project budget. When you’re ordering items on your own, it’s your responsibility to read all specifications, return policies & shipping/delivery methods. It's important to note that payment for products & services is due prior to Leu Interiors making any purchasing on your behalf. Often, a contractor or professional handyman will need to be hired toward the end of the project installation for additional services to insure a quality installation of seemingly simple things like floating shelving. Trust us on this one!

4 : CLIENT HAPPINESS : included. always.

Your new space is completed!! It's perfectly tailored to your style and needs. It represents you and supports your unique way of living. You feel proud, excited, comfortable, and inspired. Your eyeballs are exploding with happiness and you are already thinking about designing another room! Wink wink... Now it's time to show off your new space! Invite friends and family over. Have an open house party - I’ll be there! Share your home with the people you love and allow it to be an extension of you. Create memories and traditions. Enjoy the praise and don't forget to contact Leu when you’re ready to start the next project!


From the comfort of your own home, you'll start by answering an online project questionnaire about your space and sending in dimensions and photos of what it looks like currently. One week later, I'll send you back a mood board; a virtual design proposal that's ready for your feedback. All online, we'll share ideas and solutions for your space until we arrive at a finished design that's on budget, on trend with YOUR style, and ready to order!

The final design package includes a photo-realistic rendering of your space, an online shopping list with links to every product, a detailed floor plan created with top-of-the-line CAD software, and an installation guide to help you put the space together.

Everything from the concept design to the final package will be on an easy-to-use and just-for-you web page. You'll even be able to shop right from your personal link! Online Designs are available for a flat fee of $1000 per room or bundled multi-room packages.

How it Works

1 : Project Questionnaire

This is how I get my initial questions answered without an in-person meeting. You'll complete my online design questionnaire to tell me about your space, your plans for it, what works and what doesn't currently work, anything you want to keep in the space, and your budget. Along with the questionnaire, you'll send in photos and dimensions of your room's existing conditions.

2: Design Concept Proposal

One week later, I will email you to let you know that your design concept is ready to view. I'll include a link to your very own project page, and the password that protects it. On your web page, you'll see a mood board, floor plan showing the layout of the room, a brief description of the design concept, and a feedback form. I'll use your feedback to tweak the design as needed and create the perfect final design for your style and needs!

Becky Leu Interiors Mood Board Example
Becky Leu Interiors Floor Plan Example

3 : Final Design with Floor Plan, Installation Guide & Online Shopping List

The final design usually takes about two weeks from the time I get your feedback to the time I send you the "Your Final Design is Ready" email. After that email comes, you can open up your web page to find a rendering of your completed design, a final floor plan for your layout, a detailed installation guide to walk you through the less-than-obvious parts of implementation, and a shopping list ready to purchase from. With Online Design, you can order at your own pace, shop around for a better deal if you so choose, and the best part - you can show your friends and family your designs anywhere, anytime with any mobile device.

Becky Leu Interiors Rendering Example
Becky Leu Interiors Web Page Example