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Modern Farmhouse: Trendy or Classy?
Architecture: Feldman Architecture | Photography: Matthew Millman Photo

Architecture: Feldman Architecture | Photography: Matthew Millman Photo

Yesterday, someone asked me "How do you feel about that modern farmhouse design style? You know, the kind that Joanna Gaines applies to all of her projects on Fixer Upper?"

My response was not lacking in length. With any trend, there's always a "right way" and a "not recommended" way to go about updating your own home. For my clients here in Des Moines, Iowa, I definitely think there's still a place for Modern Farmhouse design and that it's not on its way "out" just yet. In the Midwest, we admittedly see trends move through our community on a heavily delayed timeline and at a slower pace than the coasts do. With so many rural neighborhoods, and a cornfield being no more than 15 minutes away at any given moment, Modern Farmhouse is a look that's bound to stick around for a while. My feelings on "MF" are based on 2 big factors: 1) It's actually practical. People want a clean look, but in a cozy environment that FEELS like "home". Modern Farmhouse is practically the definition of that "home" feeling for the average Midwesterner. And 2) High contrast and high texture have always been highly regarded in the design community. Modern farmhouse design capitalizes on those principles and gives them a fun, stylistic flair. So go ahead - paint your walls AND trim white, install a natural or dark stained wood floor, splurge for the farmhouse sink, order black framed windows and go for those black or even gold cabinet pulls in your kitchen! After all, it does look darn good.

What Not To Do:

I do feel it's important to mention specific aspects of the Modern Farmhouse movement that I do NOT think will be sticking around, since some of the more specific motifs may very well become a bit regrettable.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Everywhere. It has a place, and "everywhere" is not that place. Use sparingly for a big impact.

  2. Sliding Barn Doors. These are purely decorative and serve very little purpose; they're inconvenient to operate, they take up a lot of wall space, and they don't provide sound, light, or lockable privacy like any other door would. Passing fad.

  3. Shiplap. Again, use this sparingly. If you put it all over every wall in your living room or kitchen, you'll likely soon regret it just like a bad wallpaper. Sorry Joanna!

  4. Taxidermy. Real or faux, animal heads, horns and antlers are a trend that is already on its way out, so try not to get too attached to layering a "hunting" theme into your modern farmhouse.

Designer: Sita Montgomery Interiors

Designer: Sita Montgomery Interiors

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