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Going Natural: The Wood Trend That's Staying
Image Credit:  Amber Interiors

Image Credit: Amber Interiors

It's time to lighten up. I don't mean go crazy and have your dessert before your dinner - not THAT radical - but perhaps "ebony" isn't the only option for your wood floors or furniture anymore. Designers all over the planet are skipping the dark stain colors and leaving wood surfaces alone to flaunt their natural beauty, and I'm one of them!

We just finished installing light wood floors in a client's home in the Clive Country Club, we'll soon be done installing light wood floors in a West Des Moines home, and in a few short months, we'll install some definitely-not-dark wood floors in a home just on the other side of Jordan Creek for clients who are renovating to SELL! The furniture we're pairing with them includes fully-upholstered pieces, painted pieces, and wood tones of all variations - but mostly light. ;)

Image Credit:  Amber Interiors

Image Credit: Amber Interiors


I can't speak highly enough about how low-maintenance, and high-style natural wood tones are in today's housing scene. The less yellow and the more "truly neutral", the better. They're a fast way to brighten up a space effortlessly, invite the sunlight in, and create easy and beautiful pairings with dark metals. Light woods hide dings, dirt and dust better than stained dark woods, and also open the doors to just about any paint color your heart desires for built-in woodwork; that is, unless you want to use a natural wood colors for your millwork as well, which I almost always support.

For all home types and styles, dark floors and furniture can still be beautiful and even preferred. Especially if you're more into a "warm and cozy" ambiance than the "light and fresh" atmosphere that Millennials are reaching to for spacial inspiration these days. For more info on how your surroundings affect your daily life, check out House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live by Winifred Gallagher. For the record, this is not a sponsored blog post, I just love that book and have very strong feelings about space and its influence on our lives. For proof of THAT, check out the Design Philosophy on my website.

Image Credit:  Becki Owens

Image Credit: Becki Owens


If you're not quite convinced, and need to see some more ~enlightening~ inspiration of light wood tones being used in residential settings, pop over to my instagram feed and see for yourself how this new trend is one to embrace. Natural = Beautiful.

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