Let’s make your space both functional and beautiful.

Leu Interiors is proud to partner with HomeWorx Remodeling to offer design services to their valued clients, ensuring that each project turns out just like (or even better than) you dreamed it would. When you secure a time block using the booking tool below, HomeWorx’s preferred designer Becky Leu will meet you at your home at your selected time to talk about your project. After discussing your project needs with Becky, you’re welcome to either:

  1. Go shopping around town with Becky to select each fixture and finish for your space, or…

  2. Stay home / go back to work while Becky shops for you. Towards the end of your scheduled time block, Becky will return to your home with some design selection options for you to choose from.

In the questionnaire of the booking tool below, you will be asked your preference between the two options above. Please fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly as you are able, including your full address so Becky can find your home easily.

Once your design selections are made, Becky will pass on all the product info to HomeWorx so they can update your bid.

This link is private to HomeWorx clients. Please do not share it. If you would like your friends or family to be able to book a time with Becky, please provide them with this link. Thank you!

Becky Leu | Owner & Designer of Leu Interiors

Becky Leu | Owner & Designer of Leu Interiors

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These design appointments typically last 3-4 hours, with some projects requiring more. If you are unable to make this kind of time commitment and would like to instead schedule 2 shorter pre- and post-selections meetings with Becky, please reach out to her directly at: